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How to predict transcription factor binding site?

To predict transcription factor binding site in DNA, you may use the following tools:1. PROMOPROMO is a virtual laboratory for the identification of putative transcription factor binding sites (TFBS) in DNA sequences from a species or groups of speci...

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How to convert human dose to animal dose?

The common perception of scaling of dose based on the body weight (mg/kg) alone is not the right approach. This is primarily because the biochemical, functional systems in species vary which in turn alter pharmacokinetics. Therefore, extrapolation of...

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Does PBS buffer affect cell adhesion?

Cell adhesion is a pH-dependent phenomenon: the cells required Mg2+ or Ca2+ for attachment to substrates at pH higher than the isoelectric point of the proteins coating a plastic surface, but not at lower pH. With increasing pH from 3.4, cell adhesiv...

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Features of catalytic residues in enzyme active sites

Knowledge and improved understanding of the properties of enzyme active sites and their assorted catalytic mechanisms is vital for novel protein design and predicting protein function from structure. Crystallographic and NMR studies of...

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How to Improve Peptide Stability?

Many of the "tricks" used by chemists to enhance activity and stability, by protecting peptides against both endo- and exo-peptidases, can also be found in active peptides of microbial or marine origin: D-amino acids or unusual amino acids inste...

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