Vectors & Plasmids Sequences and Maps

The plasmid maps that we display are primarily gathered from literature and open databases, mainly to facilitate research works. A small collection of plasmids performed quality controls and are available for scientists.

All the catalogs are strictly for scientific research purposes only and cannot be applied to clinical trials, including human ingestion, injection, or external pharmacological use.

Plasmids on the platform are sold at a minimum price to cover operation costs. The key parts of the plasmids are ensured to be 100% correct as reported. However, the experimental results are not guaranteed.

Most of the vector sequences in the open database are not fully sequenced. If the actual sequence shares over 99% similarity as reference one, it will be deemed as correct.

As scientific research is exploring the unknown with significant uncertainties, under no circumstances do we assume additional financial loss or responsibility than the plasmid itself.

Replication Origin