About NovoPro

NovoPro Bioscience Inc. (hereinafter referred to as NovoPro) was founded in 2013 and is a company specializing in the sales and development of recombinant protein products, catalog antibody products, catalog peptide products, and more.

Our goal is to make research enjoyable for our customers. We are committed to providing high-quality biotechnology products and services to researchers worldwide, to help them advance scientific research. Our products cover multiple fields, including life sciences, medical research, drug development, and more.

Our team consists of experienced and passionate scientists and engineers who are dedicated to continuous innovation and improving product quality.

Our products have been certified by the ISO 9001 quality management system, which means that our quality management system has met international standards.

We will continue to uphold the principle of "customer first, quality first" and provide better products and services to our customers.

Glance of NovoPro