Glycopeptides Synthesis Services

Glycopeptide has been widely recognized as peptide that contains carbohydrate moieties (glycans). Due to the nature linkage between glycan and the amino acid residues of peptide, glycopeptides can be classified into three types: N-linked, O-linked and C-linked glycopeptides. Among of them, N-linked glycopeptides are the most common type in nature, which N is referred to the asparagine that attached by the glycan. Glycan of O-linked glycopeptides is commonly linked to the hydroxyl groups of serine and threonine, while sometime also bond to lysine, proline and tyrosine. While the least common C-linked glycopeptides are recognized as the attachment between mannose and tryptophane.

NovoPro provides glycopeptide synthesis at various scale and purity. These synthetic glycopeptides offer a unique tool in glycobiology and proteomic research as well as for drug discovery and development. We offer different glycoamino acid peptide modification with N-linked and O-linked glycosylation system.

Synthetic N-Linked Glycopeptides

N-linked glycosylation is a post translational process that occurs in eukaryotes and widely in archaea, but is rare in bacteria. It’s now understood that N-glycosylation plays a role in the folding of many eukaryotic proteins. Thus, approximately 70% of human therapeutic proteins are N-linked glycoproteins which contributes to increased in vivo half-life and bioavailability and hence higher therapeutic efficacy.

Synthetic O-Linked Glycopeptides

Oxygen-linked glycopeptides and proteins are quite prevalent. Cell surface and extracellular proteins are O-glycosylated. The most abundant type of O-glycosylation in proteins is the N-acetylgalactosamine or alpha-GalNAc attachment to Ser or Thr in the protein chain. Most eukaryotic nuclear and cytoplasmic proteins are modified by N-acetylglucosamine (beta-O-GlcNAc) linked to Ser or Thr. Less prevalent types of O-glycosylation involve O-fucose (Fuc), O-mannose (Man), and O-glucose (Glc), however they are functionally of high relevance for early stages of development and for vital physiological functions of proteins. Glycosaminoglycans (GAG) are linked to proteoglycans via xylose (Xyl) linked to Ser.

Services we could provide

To facilitate our clients’ research and project development, NovoPro is able to provide a comprehensive list of glycopeptides synthesis services, which includes:

  • N-Linked Glycopeptides Synthesis
  • O-Linked Glycopeptides Synthesis
  • C-Linked Glycopeptides Synthesis
  • Glycopeptide-based Vaccine Development
  • Glycopeptide Antibiotic Development
  • Customized Glycopeptides Design

Glycoamino acids we can incorporate into peptides are:

Name CAS Formula Acetate groups removed
Fmoc-L-Ser((Ac)3-β-D-GlcNAc)-OH 160067-63-0 C32H36N2O13 Yes&No
Fmoc-L-Thr((Ac)3-β-D-GlcNAc)-OH 160168-40-1 C33H38N2O13 Yes&No
FMoc-Asn(β-D-GlcNAc(Ac)3)-OH 131287-39-3 C33H37N3O13 Yes&No
beta-D-Glucose pentaacetate 604-69-3 C16H22O11 Yes&No
Gluconic acid 526-95-4 C6H12O7 NO
6-phosphogluconic acid 921-62-0 C6H13O10P NO
Fmoc-L-Ser((Ac)3-β-D-GalNAc)-OH 1676104-71-4 C32H36N2O13 Yes&No
Fmoc-L-Ser((Ac)3-α-D-GalNAc)-OH 120173-57-1 C32H36N2O13 Yes&No
Fmoc-Thr(GalNAc(Ac)3-α-D)-OH 116783-35-8 C33H38N2O13 Yes&No
Fmoc-L-Thr(β-D-GalNAc(Ac)3)-OH 133575-43-6 C33H38N2O13 Yes&No
beta-D-Galactose pentaacetate 4163-60-4 C16H22O11 Yes&No
Fmoc-L-Ser(ManNAc)-OH Yes&No
Fmoc-Thr(ManNAc)-OH Yes&No
α-D-MANNOSE PENTAACETATE 4163-65-9 C16H22O11 Yes&No
D-MANNOSE PENTAACETATE 25941-03-1 C16H22O11 Yes&No

As one of the industry leader in the field of peptides synthesis, NovoPro are confident in offering the world-class glycopeptides synthesis services with the highest quality and most competitive price. Our scientists are able to accommodate even the most specific requirements and tailor the best-fit approach to our customers all over the world.

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