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Catalog Peptides

One of the world's largest and fastest growing peptide catalogs

NovoPro is pleased to offer one of the world's largest and fastest growing peptide catalogs, containing >15000 of high-quality catalogue peptides. With more than 25 years of experience in synthesizing peptides, NovoPro is a premier supplier of high quality peptides to leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and academic institutions. Unless otherwise specified, all peptides have >95% purity and contain TFA (trifluoroacetic acid) as counter-ions.

Our database of catalog peptides is searchable by product name or (part of the) peptide sequence.

NovoPro is proud to provide a comprehensive collection of amino acid derivatives, beta-amyloid peptides, blocking peptides, cosmetic peptides, biochemical reagents and pharmaceuticals to clients in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, academic and industry institutions all over the world.

Cat#Product NameSizePrice
300483Aurein 3.15 mg195.5
300711Cecropin B5 mg328.9
301006Kisspeptin-54 (human)5 mg469.70
301054Polybia-MPI5 mg161.0
301215Piscidin 15 mg253.0
301483Brevinin-1TR5 antimicrobial peptide precursor5 mg364.5
301509Cupiennin 1a5 mg311.2
301897Melittin5 mg231.1
301938Sakacin P5 mg307.0
302469BMAP-275 mg310.5
302484Angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitor 145 mg69.0
302485Brevinin-2R5 mg387.5
302592Spexin5 mg161.0
302971Pancreastatin (33-48) (human)5 mg184.0
303333Hymenochirin-1B5 mg333.5
303458Cyclo(-Arg-Gly-Asp-D-Phe-Cys)5 mg227.3
303483H-Pro-His-Gly-OH5 mg69.2
303867Catestatin (human)5 mg186.7
303954APGWamide5 mg69.0
304370Development regulating peptide Hym-2485 mg92.0
304483Bradykinin-potentiating peptide 25 mg149.5
304589Ephrin-A2-Selective YSA-Peptide5 mg138.0
304594Diazepam binding inhibitor-345 mg302.3
304619Glucagon like peptide 25 mg293.4
305066Aurein 1.25 mg149.5
305103Citropin 1.15 mg142.2
305785Buforin I5 mg448.5
305882Lantibiotic peptide, Salivaricin B5 mg548.5
305890Sex Pheromone Inhibitor iPD15 mg92.0
307097Biotin-a-CGRP (canine, mouse, rat)5 mg398.0
307262Pleurocidin5 mg287.5
307317[Arg8]-Vasopressin5 mg203.5
307483Neuropeptide-gamma5 mg241.5
307545NRC-165 mg218.5
307687PAKtide5 mg115.0
308114Antibacterial peptide LL-37 amide, LL375 mg425.5
308483Thymosin beta11 II5 mg346.7
308510Chorionic Gonadotropin-β (109-145) (human)5 mg425.5
308551Epinecidin-15 mg186.7
308634Prolactin-releasing peptide PrRP205 mg230.0
309243Thanatin5 mg286.7
309357Copeptin (rat)5 mg448.5
309393Angiotensin I5 mg88.9
309482Lactocin 7055 mg379.5
309483Gonadin F5 mg69.0
309529Buforin II5 mg241.5
309881Angiotensin I5 mg115.0
309884Raniseptin-55 mg333.5
309885Elicitor peptide AtPep15 mg264.5
310173Pleurocidin-like peptide AP25 mg299.0
310384Phytosulfokine alpha5 mg619.0
310483Ranatuerin 2VEb5 mg348.9
310680Obestatin (human)5 mg204.5
310893Z-Ala-Ala-Asn-AMC5 mg247.0
311599[Val5] Angiotensin II, human5 mg71.1
311656Oxytocin Acetate5 mg202.8
312865Osteocalcin (1-49) (human)5 mg1720.6
314083Myxinidin5 mg138.0
314322Adropin (34-76) (human, mouse, rat)5 mg488.4
314593Poneratoxin5 mg287.5
314598Thuricin S5 mg160.0
314718Antimicrobial peptide moricin5 mg448.5
314760Pexiganan5 mg253.0
314782acetyl-Oxytocin5 mg203.5
314907OH-CATH5 mg391.0
315370Melittin5 mg218.5
315448[P3,Q4]-Procamine5 mg69.0
315639Pyrrhocoricin5 mg230.0
315874C-Peptide (dog)5 mg356.5
316014[Q3,G4]-Procamine5 mg69.0
316777Kisspeptin-105 mg115.0
316813PACAP275 mg115.6
316876Glicentin (By similarity)5 mg498.0
317603TLQP-625 mg587.35
317755Secretoneurin5 mg293.4
317818Short neuropeptide F5 mg195.6
317852Short neuropeptide F5 mg126.5
317892Little SAAS (By similarity)5 mg207.0
318351Amnesiac peptide 24 (Potential)5 mg276.0
318716FOXO4 D-Retro-Inverso(DRI) peptide5 mg159.0
318720Api137 Peptide5 mg469.0