Peptide Property Calculator

This online tool calculates chemical formula, molecular weight, extinction coefficient, net charge at neutral pH, isoelectric point, grand average of hydropathicity(GRAVY).

It also provides a conversion between single and triple letter amino acid code; peptide titration plot, net charge vs pH.

  • N-terminal modification:
  • C-terminal modification:
  • Disulfide Bridge (Format: 1-8, 5-16):
  • Amino acid abbreviations:


When input the custom peptide sequence data, please only use the code specified in the Amino Aicd Code Table. You can use single-letter-code
or three-letter-code,
eg: CysAspTyrLysAspCysAspAspAspLys
any white space characters will be removed. Note that D-amino acids are prefixed with d and in parentheses, e.g. (dA) for D-form of Alanine.

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