Peptide Antigen Design Tool (NovoFocus)

NovoFocus is an antigen design software based on Neural Network and Deep Learning.

  • • Big data driven— Deep Learning based on the big data of over 100,000 validated peptide antibodies.
  • • Specificity secured—includes curated BLAST analysis against multiple species to minimize cross-reactivity
  • • Protein structural expert— NovoPro is experienced in protein structure study, we also provide a one-stop Protein Crystallography Service. NovoDesign incorporates important protein structural motifs and secondary structure prediction into our antigen design.
  • • User friendly—easy-to-read graphical analysis report and one click to copy of any antigen you prefer.

Recommended web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera .etc. IE is not supported.

1. Sequence (Paste the raw sequence, not fasta format):

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2. Peptide antigen length (Integer, 10-30):

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