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NovoFocusTM--focus on the unique sequences, unstructured and exposed regions.

Precise antigens design is vital for successful antibody production. To reach better antibody-antigen recognition of most applications, NovoFocusTM, developed by NovoPro's bioinformatics team, is able to predict, evaluate protein structure information and effectively select the unstructured or loop regions of proteins. To guarantee the specificity, a novel sequence comparison algorithm is developed which can screen the possible peptide sequences in proteome level and calculate similarities in an antibody development view. More than 20 factors have been integrated to the comprehensive NovoFocusTM antigen design, lead to a precise value of epitopes and customer-friendly interface.

The major parameters consist of NovoFocusTM epitope value

Structure Information Protein Regions
α-helix/ β sheet/ loop Signal peptide (avoided)
Amino Acid Characteristics Transmembrane region (avoided)
Antigenic value of amino acid Possibly modified regions
Flexibility Disordered regions
Sequence specificity Solvent accessibility
Blast target species and rabbit N-terminal, C-terminal
Requirements of Customers Evolution
Specified regions Positive selection
Recognize multiple proteins Discrimination
Differentiate specific proteins  

NovoBoostTM—best adjuvant leads to highest affinity

Affinity is key for antibody effectiveness, especially important for low abundance proteins and high requirement applications. To greatly improve the antibody, a novel immunogenicity-amplified adjuvant - NovoBoostTM is developed. NovoBoostTM is composed from small (<10kD) dendrimers positively charged at their surface. When the antigen is mixed with NovoBoostTM, the large, positively charged complex molecule is obtained, which effectively binds to antigen receptors on dendritic cells, and effectively stimulate T-helper activity, thus inducing strong and specific immune response. Thanks to the tremendously enhanced immunogenicity, 90% of the NovoPro antibodies could reach 1ng-20ng detection limit (Fig 1.1 & Fig 1.2).

Multiple antigens, multiple immunizations, much better chance of success

To reach high successful rate of low-abundance, deep folding proteins or 'difficult' applications such as IP, ChIP and FACS. NovoPro would recommend apply multiple antigens to cover more possible regions of the proteins, thus greatly increase the chance of harvesting well-performing antibodies for different applications. Further, to conquer animal to animal variations, NovoPro will immunize two animals for each antigen, you can enjoy a much higher rate of success with our deliberately designed antigen.

Helpful tech support, experiencing true partnership

Your success is our mission.

NovoPro scientific team has years of antibody validation and application experiences. Not only you can find various of antibody information such as antibody user guide, FAQs, tips, but also you are always welcome to discuss with our experts about any thoughts and problems in experiments. We would try our best to make your research easy and enjoyable.

Product Selection

Custom Polyclonal Antibody Services Custom Modification-specific Polyclonal Antibody
Package NovoBasic NovoAdvanced NovoPhos NovoMethyl
Recommended application(s) WB WB,IP Phospho-specific recognition Methylation site-specific recognition
Antigen(s) 1 peptide 2 peptides 1 Phosphorylated peptides
1 Control peptide
1 Methylated peptide
1 Control peptide
Immunizations 2 Rabbits 4 Rabbits 4 Rabbits 4 Rabbits
Deliverable Antigens

Peptide antigen 2.0mg*1 set

Peptide antigen 2.0mg*2 sets

Peptide antigen 2.0mg*1 set

Control peptide 2.0mg*1 set

Deliverable Antibodies Each Rabbit:
1. Affinity purified antibody 3.0-6.0mg

2-4 sets of affinity purified antibody (filtered antibody react with non-modified peptide)

1.0-5.0mg each

Validation Criteria

ELISA titer≥50K

ELISA titer≥50K and WB success garanteed(recombinant protein).

①ELISA titer≥50K; ②<10% cross reactivity with non-phospho peptide

Delivery Time 12-14 weeks 13-14 weeks 14-15 weeks
Price $599 $999 $999 $1499

Standard Rabbit Polyclonal 93 Days Protocol

* Project may be optimized depends on protein characteristics and antibody applications

Antigen Preparation 20 Days

18 days

Peptide synthesis

2 days

Peptide conjugation to KLH carrier

Immunization63 Days

Day 0

Control and Pre-immune sera collection

Day 1

Primary Injection with NovoBoostTM Pre (work similar to CFA) 500ug/rabbit

Day 14

1st-Booster with NovoBoostTM (work similar to IFA) 250ug/rabbit

Day 28

2nd- Booster with NovoBoostTM 250ug/rabbit

Day 35

3th- Booster with NovoBoostTM 250ug/rabbit and ELISA test, post-inject sera

Day 42

4th- Booster with NovoBoostTM 250ug/rabbit

Day 49

5th- Booster with NovoBoostTM 250ug/rabbit

Day 56

ELISA test,If the titer is not good, we will continue to do the next booster

Affinity Purification and Quality Control10 Days

Day 63

Terminate the rabbits 

Day 63-73

Affinity purification and test ELISA titer


Most thoughtful service procedure

Project inquiry

Tel: +86-021-61842887

Project initial plan

Contact our experienced antibody consultant and form a brief antibody development plan together. 

Antigen design

The antibody plan will be automatically submitted to our bioinformatician for protein analysis and finalize antigen designs as well as a detailed antibody development proposal.

Service agreement

Customer confirmation of the proposal, a service agreement signed by both parties. If possible, a Purchase Order (PO) is desired to be issued by the financial office.

Project initiation

Any project will be initiated within 3 working days after the agreement reached. Customer will receive a notification letter of project initiation.

Project status

Customer will receive an account in Customer Center to track the project status, the status will be updated once a week.


Delivery through DHL, domestic: 2-3 working days, oversea: 3-5 working days.

Tech support

Any question about antibody quality, validation or suggestions, please contact: